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The Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance in Tampa, FL

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How Preventative Maintenance Protects Your Plumbing

At Apex Plumbing, we love calling the Tampa, FL, area home. Our plumbers take pride in serving local home and business owners with exceptional services so they can get back to enjoying the sunshine. Tampa's unique climate makes regular plumbing maintenance a must and we have the experience to get the job done.

With high humidity levels, hard water and looming threats of hurricanes, Tampa area residents have to stay ahead of these issues to keep their pipes in good shape. We're here to help you understand the importance of regular maintenance, utilize DIY tips and know when to call a plumber. Keep reading to learn more!

Protecting Your Pipes From Hard Water

Hard water is a common issue for Tampa area home and business owners. With levels of calcium and magnesium in local water supplies, hard water can take a toll on pipes and plumbing fixtures. Over time, mineral deposits can dry out skin and hair, leave scale buildup on bathroom fixtures, and weaken sewer and drain lines. Installing a water-softening system for your home or business is the best way to remove calcium and magnesium from water.

Here are some benefits of water softeners: 

  • Prevention of mineral and scale buildup on pipes, fixtures and water heaters.
  • Fewer plumbing repairs and longer lifespan for appliances.
  • Cleaner, better water for laundry, dishes, cooking and drinking.

Here are some DIY tips for removing hard water stains:

  • Mix equal parts baking soda and water or vinegar to form a paste for removing hard water stains on bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • Mix one cup of water and one cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. Use the solution with a sponge to remove hard water stains on shower doors and other glass surfaces.
  • Mix 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol and one cup of water in a spray bottle. Use the solution with a sponge to remove hard water stains on shower walls.

Mitigating the Impact of Florida Humidity

Tampa's high humidity levels can make for mold and mildew hotspots in your plumbing system. It can also speed up plumbing wear and tear, leading to corrosion and susceptibility to leaks. In a hot and humid climate, it's important to keep an eye out for signs of plumbing trouble like musty odors and water damage near pipes and fixtures. Scheduling regular plumbing maintenance will help catch these problems early on and prevent costly leaks.

Another way to combat high humidity levels in your home or business is to install a dehumidifying system. Dehumidifiers manage the amount of moisture in the air to protect your pipes and home from water damage and health hazards. The Florida humidity is unavoidable, but you can still take control of indoor vapor levels as a preventative maintenance measure.

Hurricane-Proofing Your Plumbing

Tampa area residents are no strangers to the effects of hurricane season. Flooding, heavy rains, strong winds and storm surges can quickly compromise your plumbing system. Hurricane-proofing will help you avoid being stuck with drain clogs, water leaks and no hot water.

Here's how you can prepare your plumbing before hurricane season: 

  • Remove leaves, debris and buildup from gutters and downspouts so water can drain as quickly as possible.
  • Check that your sump pump is in good condition or consider installing a sump pump if you don't have one.
  • Have a supply of clean water for drinking and cooking.
  • Schedule a professional plumbing inspection to check sewer, water and gas lines.
  • Schedule preventative drain clearing to protect pipes from floodwater.

Here's what to do to prepare for an incoming storm: 

  • Fill a bathtub with water to use for flushing toilets in case you don't have running water after a storm.
  • Turn off the main water supply line to protect your household's supply of water from contamination.
  • Turn off the electricity and gas to your water heater.

Preventing Leaks and Water Damage

Leaky pipes and persistent moisture can lead to structural damage over time. Rotting wood and weakened foundations are not only expensive to repair but can compromise your property's safety.

Stubborn drain and sewer clogs can also put pressure on pipes and cause leaks. Regular drain and sewer clearing will keep things running smoothly. If your water bills increase or you notice wet spots on ceilings, walls or around fixtures, you may have a leak.

Neglecting slow drains, high water bills and wet spots often lead to emergencies. Always call a plumber to perform a leak detection test and locate damaged pipes. Remember that it's much easier and usually cheaper to deal with small leaks than a burst pipe.

Saving Money With Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Investing in regular plumbing maintenance might seem like a waste when everything is working properly. The reality is that many plumbing problems go unnoticed until you're faced with an emergency like a water line break or sewage backup.

Maintaining your plumbing system with the help of a professional helps you save in the long run. Efficient plumbing systems use less energy, waste less water and are less likely to leave you stuck with an emergency. Giving your pipes regular TLC extends their lifespan, cuts down on utility costs and gives you peace of mind.

As a local business, Apex Plumbing knows what it takes to ensure reliable plumbing for Tampa area home and business owners. We aim to help you avoid plumbing disasters with preventative services like leak detection and drain cleaning. If you do run into an emergency, we have you covered with 24/7 services. Contact us online to schedule your plumbing maintenance or call us at (727) 285-8559 !

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